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There has been  a strong relation between art and fashion, from the fabric print designers, to couturiers like Yves Saint Laurent that used some  of  Mondrian’s artworks to applied them in  different garments.   It’s  no strange  to see  designs of famous painters applied to the Louis Vuitton lines or to many other fashion accessories or home products.

For me, it has been a nice surprise to see how look some my artworks in scarves and blouses.  It’s a perfect match although the artworks were created as paintings.  I hope you can enjoy them!

You can see all the garment details at:

and my artwork at:

White Lilies


Voyagers 1


Color Burnst

What It Is And What It Looks Like





Verónica Chauvet (1961), is a Mexican City contemporary realist oil and acrylic painter of nature themes. Her artwork is characterized by vibrant colors, expressive forms and bold compositions.

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