Give Original Artworks for Less than USD$550

If you want to give  in this season a unique gift to someone special or simply want to indulge yourself with something that resonates with you, take a look to these selection of original artworks for  less than usd$550, with delivery price included. You can enjoy everyday with something you really like every time you […]

Art & Fashion

Art & Fashion

There has been  a strong relation between art and fashion, from the fabric print designers, to couturiers like Yves Saint Laurent that used some  of  Mondrian’s artworks to applied them in  different garments.   It’s  no strange  to see  designs of famous painters applied to the Louis Vuitton lines or to many other fashion accessories […]

Spotlight on Mexico: Saatchiart Collection

  I’m very glad to see “Transformation” selected in this selection made by Evangeline Delaware, Assistant Curator at Saatchi Art.  You can see the complete collection at Acrylic, Chalk and Charcoal on Canvas Size: 31.5 H x 21.6 W x 1 in I show nature through magnifying one element or repeating it, by emphasizing forms and […]

From Painting to Fashion

A year ago, I received an invitation from VIDA to participate as a painter with my designs in a brand new company and concept.  At first, I thought it was spam, so I put the mail on trash, but after several mails I felt curious and decided to read from beginning to end all the […]


Folium, leaf, hoja, feuille   Revival.  Mixed Media on Canvas           Origins.  Acrylic on Canvas What It Seems and What It Looks Like 2. Mixed media on Canvas  

Indulge Yourself or Someone Else With Original Artwork


Apparent Chaos

A mangrove stream is the proof that in nature all can coexist, although at a first glance it looks like a tangled mess of water, roots, branches and leaves that fight to have their own space and place, this apparent chaos is a perfect order in the environment. I hope that viewers can appreciate the […]

No More Empty Walls

Many people have the idea that an original artwork is not affordable for them, but this is not really true. You can buy something that resonates with you for less than USD $500, shipping included. So if you have an empty wall at your home or your working space, take a look to this selection […]

Art & Home Décor

As a painter, I have the commitment of expressing myself freely. This is a basic and fundamental part of my job.   Unlike other jobs in this I am the one who determines what I want to communicate and how I want to communicate it. Yes, I have all the freedom, but also all the responsibility […]

¿Por qué Pinto?

Parte del catálogo de hilos de mi papá La mía no es la historia, en donde de niña me la pasaba dibujando, sin prestar atención a la maestra . Por el contrario, estaba demasiado consciente de que dibujaba mal y para colmo la maestra prometió una caja de 24 colores Prismacolor, al primer estudiante que […]