Selected Artworks 2008-2014

Brillos 2Diversity/Diversidad (sold)Finding/Hallazgo (sold)SoldMeditation/Meditación (sold)Red Vase/Jarrón Rojo (private collection Mexico)Fantasy Colors/Fantasía de Colores (sold)There, Far Away/Allá a lo LejosTranquil Water/Agua Serena (available/disponible)Daydream Visions/Visiones de Ensueño (available/disponible)Serenity/Serenidad (private collection USA)Brightness (Back to Basics)/BrillosAsymmetric/A-simetrías (private collection Mexico) Coloured Turns/Vueltas de Colores (available/disponible)Heaven's Locksmith/El Cerrajero del Cielo (private collection Mexico)Guardian/Guardián. Based in the artwork by W. Yonner (private collection Mexico)


Verónica Chauvet (1961), is a Mexican City contemporary realist oil and acrylic painter of nature themes. Her artwork is characterized by vibrant colors, expressive forms and bold compositions.

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