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Tribute to Frida Kahlo

Frida was a woman of contrasts: with a strong personality but emotionally and physically weak. Insecure but at same time extroverted, her hurt body was hidden by her marvelous embroided mexican outfits and jewels and her uniques hairdos. I wanted to show her not like a “su-frida” (game of words with her name meaning suffering) woman, but like the brave, creative and unique person she was.

Frida Kahlo:  woman, painter, social activist, fashion icon, myth…. This artwork is part of the group show “Tribute to Frida Kahlo” exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art of Toluca, Mexico.

Frida Kahlo:  mujer, pintora, activista social, ícono de la moda, mito.  Esta obra forma parte de la exposición colectiva “Tributo a Frida Kahlo, exhibida en el Museo de Arte Moderno de Toluca, México

The Chimera Festival it’s the second large international  art and cultural festival in Mexico, after The International Cervantino Festival.  It takes place every year in Metepec and during more than a week there a many cultural events of music, dance, painting, sculpture, theatre, etc.  I’ve participated with other artists in “Art at Open Sky” in which our artwork done in fabric, are shown at the balconies of the main streets to be seen for all the inhabitants and visitors, becoming an open museum.
El Festival Internacional de Arte y Cultura Quimera, es el segundo festival en importancia en México, después del Festival Internacional Cervantino.  Anualmente se lleva a cabo en el mes de Octubre en Metepec.  He participado con un grupo de artistas en “Arte a Cielo Abierto” donde nuestras “telas” cuelgan de los balcones de las calles principales convirtiéndolas en un museo abierto para todos para  los habitantes y visitantes.

Jugando A Ser Grande (Quimera 2014) copia

Playing to Become Grown Ups/Jugando a Ser Grandes


 Seduction/Vestida de Seducción



Donde Te Lleven Tus Sueños

Where Your Dreams Takes You/Donde Te Lleven tus Sueños


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Verónica Chauvet (1961), is a Mexican City contemporary realist oil and acrylic painter of nature themes. Her artwork is characterized by vibrant colors, expressive forms and bold compositions.

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