Spotlight on Mexico: Saatchiart Collection


I’m very glad to see “Transformation” selected in this selection made by Evangeline Delaware, Assistant Curator at Saatchi Art.  You can see the complete collection at

Acrylic, Chalk and Charcoal on Canvas

Size: 31.5 H x 21.6 W x 1 in

I show nature through magnifying one element or repeating it, by emphasizing forms and colors that can look the same but they never are. The use of mixed media, allow for generating textures, colors and effects that communicate these singularities. Most of the images come from photographs I take while walking nearby home, at parks, botanic gardens, and travels.

My wish is to call the viewer’s attention, try to awaken their capacity of being surprised as a way to reconnect with the best of themselves.


Verónica Chauvet (1961), is a Mexican City contemporary realist oil and acrylic painter of nature themes. Her artwork is characterized by vibrant colors, expressive forms and bold compositions.

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