Why Do I Paint?

Hilos de ColoresThis is part of my father’s catalogue

My story is not like that begins with… When I was a child I passed drawing for ours without paying any attention to the teacher. On the contrary I was aware I draw badly and on top of that, my pre-school teacher promised to the class a 24 box of color pencils of a top brand, for the first student that finished “The Magic Book” (a lovely book with transparent paper to copy the letters), promise she never fulfilled. This fact made me feel profoundly disappointed because I worked too hard to filled out the book very carefully but fast enough to make sure that I will be the first to finish. As a 6 year old girl I really wanted the color pencils!. Having them was for me like owning my father’s catalogue with silky and brilliant dyed threads of many different colors each one with its range: from the darkest to the clearest. With the time I realized that colors and forms fascinated me. I looked over and over illustrated books with the classic stories, not only for the stories themselves, but for the drawings; also the books of paintings that where at home and the question was always the same: How someone can do it so well?. I felt that the drawing skill has been denied to me. When I visited the museums, the question was the same: How they do it? I have a Bachelor degree in Communications and this need for creating and express myself was fulfilled during many years. I was surrounded by ideas to be translated into messages, products, colors, textures, packaging, images, strategies, even odors, etc. Besides I was convinced that I didn’t need to sketch or draw I could imagine something and explain the experts what was needed, so it was in this way during many years.

When I decided to re-invent myself ( I had not longer work office) I found that was the first time in many years I had plenty of time for myself and it was when the idea of drawing and painting appeared as a desire and a barrier I must defeat. If I really wanted, that was the moment to overcome the idea that art wasn’t for me. I started from the very beginning, very conscious that the way will be very long, but I didn’t want to take any shortcut. I really wanted to go all the way and do it well.

I paint because I have the need to create and express myself. I’ve found   in drawing and painting more than writing, a way that better suits me and additionally it generates me a great pleasure. I can spend hours very focused on what I’m doing, more than any other activity. Creation has been a constant during all my life.



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Verónica Chauvet (1961), is a Mexican City contemporary realist oil and acrylic painter of nature themes. Her artwork is characterized by vibrant colors, expressive forms and bold compositions.

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